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Pushmo is a basic puzzle game where you slide blocks around trying to reach the goal of getting to the top to rescue the Pushmo character.

There are basically two different gameplay types – Pushmo Park and Pushmo Studio. Pushmo Park is where you actually play the puzzle game.

Pushmo is a great game with tons of gameplay.

As you can see, there are many different stages, from beginner to advanced, including different artwork like murals of creatures, plants or animals.

The different stages are not only fun but sometimes challenging, and you can get stuck on a stage for over 10-15 minutes.

So far I’ve played around 50-60 stages and can say I don’t spend more than 10-20 minutes on the hard levels. The easy ones can be completed in 1-2 minutes so the game has a lot of gameplay and opportunity for quick play if you’re in a hurry and just want a quick round.

The nice thing about Pushmo is if you can’t figure out how to reach the goal one way, there’s often another way. There are usually alternate options in the game so you can find different paths or move the blocks in a different way to reach the goal.

And even better there are about 200 stages so you won’t get bored of Pushmo anytime soon.

One really cool feature with Pushmo is that after passing the initial stages, you unlock Pushmo Studio – where you can make your own stages with different colors and options, even share those stages with friends via QR codes. It’s really fun and interesting to see how they play out.

Overall, Pushmo is a unique, fun, and high-value puzzle game on the 3DS system with lots of enjoyable stages and stage creation features that add to the replay value. We recommend you give this game a try.

  • The Decrypted format can be read on the Citra Emulator.
  • The CIA format can be installed on an actual 3DS console.
  • This set is made by the No-Intro group.
  • Default zip/7z file extract password is romspure.cc
Filename Size Type
Pushmo (USA) (Rev 1) (eShop) 17.34 M eShop
Pushmo (USA) (eShop) 17.34 M eShop

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