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Tomodachi life is a game of weird moments. You can make a Mii character like Joan Rivers, put her in an apartment, and then watch her dream where she’s a talking loaf of bread with a pile of nuts. Just when you think the game can’t get any weirder, it gets weirder. But unfortunately, there’s not much depth beneath the quirky surface, and the novelty quickly wears off.

Mii Characters

Everything in the game revolves around Miis, which you can either create yourself or transfer from the 3DS’s Mii Maker. Once you have a Mii, Tomodachi Life lets you assign a voice and personality to it, with enough flexibility that each Mii becomes endearing in its own way.

We made a Mii that looked like Reggie, who made hellish robot noises and acted like an arrogant goofball. You can’t say that about any other game.

Taking Care of Miis

Once customized, Miis gets placed in an apartment, where they spend most of their time. Miis entertain themselves, work part-time jobs, and develop crushes on other nearby Miis almost entirely automatically, but they still want you around to provide food, new clothes, and so on.

Each Mii has unique likes and dislikes that are mostly trial and error to discover. One Mii might like pancakes and straw hats, while another eats steak and likes safari gear. Each time you cater to a Mii’s needs, they’ll give you money to buy more food, clothes, etc. The happier you make a Mii, the more money they give you, which never stops being weird.

But you’ll quickly get bored catering to them because the tasks are almost always dull. For instance, Miis often wants to play games with you, but the games are so simplistic that they can’t stay entertaining after the first time. Worse is the soccer game where you repeatedly tap the touchscreen to bump a Mii soccer player out of a circle.

Playing these distractions once or twice is tolerable, but you’ll have to play them over and over.

Other Activities

As you feed, clothe, and entertain your Miis, you’ll gain experience points and eventually level up. At that point, you can teach them songs, change apartment décor, give gifts, or give them money.

Watching Miis sing can be pretty funny. You pick the song genre, like rock and roll or a sad ballad, and you can customize the lyrics. Nothing beats watching a Mii character sing heavy metal about world destruction.

But not all rewards are great. You can only pick décor styles from a list instead of placing individual furniture pieces. So instead of décor, you just pick a theme like polka dots or modern Asian, and everything changes at once. Mii reactions are also superficial, so changing décor becomes dull.

Beyond the apartment, there are other events on the island that give Tomodachi Life its own atmosphere. For instance, your Miis will gather for rap battles that get more amusing the wackier Miis you make.


Miis can also become friends or sweethearts with other Miis, but this is the most disappointing aspect of the game. When a Mii is interested in someone else, they’ll ask if they should pursue the relationship. But there’s not much to it when two people meet because you don’t even have an actual conversation. They just mime silently at each other with no real words. So when they decide to become friends, it’s unconvincing.

Romantic relationships are similarly simplistic.


The prevalent quirkiness in Tomodachi Life is effective but can’t sustain an entire game. It’ll make you laugh for a few hours, and then you’ll never want to touch it again because it’s not worth the effort of repeating dull tasks.

Sometimes being quirky alone isn’t enough. Overall, Tomodachi Life is a game with many amusing moments, but it lacks depth in gameplay and content. It will make you laugh for a short while before becoming repetitive.

  • The Decrypted format can be read on the Citra Emulator.
  • The CIA format can be installed on an actual 3DS console.
  • This set is made by the No-Intro group.
  • Default zip/7z file extract password is

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