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The Alimbics’ Lost Treasure

Envision yourself investigating the wreckage of a long-gone extraterrestrial society in quest of an enigmatic ultimate power. That’s the path you choose in the exciting Nintendo DS game Metroid Prime Hunters. Samus Aran, the renowned heroine, knows you have to look into the matter when a mysterious telepathic message summons bounty hunters to the long-dead Alimbic Cluster.

As you arrive in your gunship, you learn about the terrible past of the spiritual Alimbics and how the terrifying Gorea destroyed their utopia. Sealing this beast up was their final hope, but Gorea’s message might let it out once again. You explore space stations and ancient temples as you put the eight keys together that are needed to unlock the seal. Only you have the ability to stop Gorea from escaping and seize ultimate power by fending off other bounty hunters.

After putting the keys together at last, you face the terrible Gorea in its spatial prison. Gorea appears indomitable following a titanic fight in which she absorbed the skills of other hunters. However, after deciphering the Alimbic prophesy, you learn how to activate the Omega Cannon and permanently eliminate this menace. The appreciative Alimbic spirits applaud you for rescuing the cosmos as the lair crumbles.

Metroid Prime Hunters is a breathtaking interplanetary action game that comes to the Nintendo DS with its furious first-person shooting and multiplayer options. Get the renowned Sci-Fi adventure ROM now to take on Samus Aran’s exciting mission!

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