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Kratos is not what you would call a nice guy. He is not the person you call when you are having car trouble or need notes from a class. When you call Kratos, you need him to do what he is good at, and that is causing death and destruction to anyone and everyone that gets in his way.

Kratos is a mean, tough, and brutal character who is out for revenge and won’t stop until he gets bloody satisfaction. From its impressive beginning to its over-the-top ending, God of War II can only be described with one word: Epic. Everything from the boss battles to the environment is larger than life. That is why Kratos fits into this game. You need a character like Kratos that is larger than life because the game is larger than life.


God of War II is essentially a hack-and-slash but with a great story, beautiful locations, and amazing gameplay. Despite what I originally thought, because of the game’s title, you do not play as the God of War II. But rather a Spartan Captain who was in service to Ares. After the God betrays him, Kratos sets out on the impossible task of killing a god.

From the opening level where you are on a boat being attacked by the Hydra, you are in for something very different. Kratos is armed with the Blades of Chaos, and man they couldn’t find a better name because that is what you will be doing with these whip like blades. These are Kratos’ unique blades and the weapons you will be using throughout most of the game.

The Blades make great use of the game’s combat system. God of War II has some of the most simplistic combat out there but also some of the best. The combat is simple because all it is is combinations of light and heavy attacks but that is what makes it so satisfying. You will pull off moves that look awesome without memorizing twenty-button-long combinations. But you will need to become very good at which method you decide.

The environments are littered with countless enemies and it is up to you to dispose of them in the most brutal ways you can. Everything in this game is grand, including the environments. The game makes you feel like you are doing this destruction under the eyes of the Greek Gods. From the Athens level to Pandora’s Temple, all of them put you in the middle of Ancient Greece.

Story and Setting

The Greek Mythology theme works very well in the world they created, just don’t use this game to study for any tests. Personally, I think they should rewrite the Greek myths to include Kratos because while at first, he seems like a standard action character, his story is actually deep and very human.

This game shows what is possible with an action game if you put in the work. Once it you play it a little it will become clear how much work went into making it, from the characters and the world they occupy, to the combat and gameplay, everything feels familiar enough to be able to pick up and play but original enough to be remembered. This is why it is one of the premier games for the PS2.


These quibbles aside, playing God of War 2 is about as solid an experience as you’ll find. There’s flexibility with the weapons and magic, the blend of combat, puzzles, bosses, and context-sensitive moments is nearly perfect, and most importantly, it’s just a blast to play. For every video game system, there’s a piece of software that defines its capabilities – God of War 2 is that game for the PlayStation 2. It’s a thrill ride from beginning to end and one of those experiences that will cause you to hunker down, turn off your phone, and check out of reality for a few days. There’s a certain sameness about it and there are a couple of hangovers from the first outing, but there is no denying that it’s superior. If you’re looking for that last game to send your PlayStation 2 out in style, this is it.

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