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God of War III ROM Description

God of War III is a remarkable addition to the acclaimed God of War franchise, standing as its fourth installment. Players are transported into a breathtakingly immersive world of ancient Greek mythology, as they embark on a third-person action-adventure journey with the iconic fallen spartan general, Kratos, at the helm.

In this epic tale of revenge, Kratos embarks on a perilous ascent up the towering Mount Olympus, riding atop the Titan Gaia, mother of all titans. Armed with his signature Blades of Chaos, Kratos must overcome challenging puzzles and fierce battles as he ventures through many mythological realms, including the eerie Underworld of Hades, the sprawling City of Olympia, and even the inner sanctum of Mount Olympus itself.

Released to widespread acclaim on March 16th, 2010 in the United States, followed closely by Australia on March 18th, 2010 and Europe on March 19th, 2010, God of War III promises an unforgettable journey for players seeking a truly thrilling and action-packed gaming experience.


The riveting story of God of War III picks off right where God of War II left off, with Kratos riding the back of the Titan Gaia and steadily moving toward Mount Olympus. He is motivated by the need for retribution against Zeus and the other gods that support him, including Poseidon, Hermes, Hades, and Helios. Though Poseidon’s assault on Gaia thwarts the Titans’ ascension, Kratos proves up to the task, ultimately vanquishing the sea god.

Kratos and Gaia make it to the top of Mount Olympus, but he is flung off by Zeus and falls into the River Styx, where his strength is drained. Here, the spirit of Athena appears and equips him with the Blades of Exile, assisting him in his mission to vanquish Zeus. Kratos finds out that the Flame of Olympus is still around, and that Pandora’s Box, which may destroy a deity, is still around. Kratos must release Pandora from the labyrinth and kill her to open the box. Kratos makes the ultimate sacrifice despite his misgivings, only to discover the box is empty and the kid he murdered was for nothing. This discovery has further deepened Kratos’ sense of shame and grief.

The two then engage in fierce combat, which ends with Kratos killing Zeus. Kratos must look within himself for the hope he needs to forgive himself for his wrongdoings, but Zeus’ ghost remains and assaults him nevertheless. On his inward trip, he finds strength inside himself and returns to kill Zeus permanently. When Pandora’s Box was initially opened, it unleashed both good and harmful powers; Athena tells Kratos that hope was one of them. The evil forces in the box changed the gods, and even Zeus was afraid of them. When Athena tells Kratos to give her power back, he sticks himself with the Sword of Olympus, which makes the goddess angry and kills him.

With that, the titles roll, and the sequence concludes with a trail of Kratos’ blood leading down the cliff, setting up the potential of a sequel. Now, the stage is set for another exciting God of War game, and the door is still open for more adventures with the famous Spartan commander.

Game features

Kratos returns to wreak havoc and vanquish his foes in a game that harkens back to the glory days of the series. Armed with a arsenal of weapons and mystical abilities, he faces off against a host of monstrous enemies in epic battles.

But that’s not all, Kratos takes the fight to new heights as he mounts massive Cyclopes and uses them as chariots of destruction. He soars through the air, grappling with winged beasts and plunging to the ground with earth-shattering force.

The game also takes a thrilling turn as Kratos rides atop the Titans, transforming the levels as the massive creatures move and shift. Vertical landscapes arise as they stand tall, adding a dynamic twist to the gameplay.

And watch out, the enemies are tougher than ever before. Still, if a field commander like the fearsome Centaur is present, they will fight with even greater ferocity, attempting to surround and overcome Kratos. Get ready for an unforgettable journey of blood and glory.

In God of War III, every weapon is imbued with a mighty grapple attack. You can hurl yourself toward your enemies with deadly precision with a button press. By simply holding the L1 button and striking with ., you unleash a flurry of destruction upon your foes.

No matter the weapon in your hand, each one is capable of this devastating maneuver. Unleash the full might of your arsenal and rain havoc upon all who stand in your way. With this all-new attack, you can take control of any battle and emerge victorious.

Many worthwhile upgrades

God of War III is the fourth game in the God of War series, and it builds upon the gameplay and storytelling of the previous games in the series. Some of the new features and improvements in God of War III include:

  1. Improved combat system: The combat system in God of War III has been refined and improved over the previous games in the series. Players can use various weapons and magic attacks to defeat enemies, and the game features more combos and special moves than previous games.
  2. Epic story: The story of God of War III is much more epic in scope than the previous games in the series, as Kratos battles his way through a variety of enemies and bosses on his quest for revenge against the gods.
  3. Improved graphics: God of War III features improved graphics over the previous games in the series, with detailed character models, detailed environments, and smooth animations presented in high definition.
  4. New weapons and abilities: Kratos acquires new weapons and abilities as he progresses through the game, which he can use to defeat his enemies and overcome obstacles.
  5. Unlockable extras: The game includes several unlockable extras, such as concept art and behind-the-scenes videos, which players can unlock as they progress through the game.

How to play GOW 3 on PC

God of War III was originally released for the PlayStation 3 console, and it is not available for PC. However, there are a few options that you may be able to use to play God of War III on a PC:

  1. PlayStation Now: PlayStation Now is a streaming service that allows players to access a library of PlayStation games, including God of War III, on their PC. To use PlayStation Now, you will need a stable internet connection, a compatible device, and a PlayStation Now subscription.
  2. PlayStation 3 emulator: Some users may be able to use a PlayStation 3 emulator to play God of War III on their PC. However, it is important to note that using an emulator may be illegal and can also lead to performance issues and other problems.
  • Use only RPCS3 Emulator to run game ROMs (Currently supports Windows, Linux, and macOS).
  • Install Guide /Setup /Config /Bug fix: check HERE.
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