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Diablo III is a popular role-playing game in the Diablo game series developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2012. Like previous versions, the game received the attention and enthusiastic support from the fellow players. The game entered the top-selling game in the early years of the 21st century.

Regarding the plot, the game is set in the dark world Diablo. There are many battles between the dark forces and the soldiers. Before the raging of the enemy, a warrior rebelled against the destruction of Azmodan forces. He was hindered by the demon Ghom, lord of Gluttony in the stronghold. After crossing the bar with a convincing victory, he continued on to the Arreat volcano and stopped at Bastion. Many difficult challenges throughout the journey require the determination and strength of brave warriors.

Players will take the role of brave warriors to fight against the Azmodan forces. They appear in the large form with weapons of two battle axes. The first place where the player will present is a stronghold under the control of Ghom. They have to fight monsters that stand in their way, arranged outside the stronghold. With the high jump ability and combat of an elite warrior, players will have to defeat all enemies in the way and proceed to the center of the stronghold. They receive experience points corresponding to the number of monsters destroyed. The strength of a player’s weapon is increased when experience points are reached. They possess a diverse set of skills suitable for close-range and long-range matches and rage. When the fury is filled, the warrior’s special skills is exploding. It is stored through each attack and generates immense power when the player activates. At the end of the stronghold, they will have to fight a group of fierce enemies. They will simultaneously attack the player, which creates dangers to them. If the player dies during this match, they must retake the beginning of the stage and lose some experience points. Destroying all groups of enemies gives players a treasure chest containing defense and attack equipment. At the end of this period, their power will be increased if containing the power from fire. The biggest challenge for players in the second phase is a huge monster with weapons is the mace. They have to move reasonably and combine skills flexibly to control and defeat the enemy. After this fight, players return to Bastion fortress to combine the power of treasures. However, this place is once again controlled by the dark lord. Winning this battle helps the player complete the mission and end the game.

The game is extremely attractive to all players through beautiful 3D graphics. They are like watching the top action movies in the dark world. With these successes, the game promises many unique features in the next versions.

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