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Minecraft is a famous open-world survival game developed and published by Mojang. The game is supported on multiple platforms and was first launched in 2011. Upon launch, the game received positive reviews from critics and the player community. In terms of gameplay, Minecraft requires high creativity from players through a third perspective with a variety of game modes such as Survival, Creative, Spectator, Adventure, Hardcore, Multiplayer, and free mode. Each mode possesses its own gameplay and challenges. In most modes, players appear in the wilderness of the mountains. Survival mode, their goal is mainly logging, rocks, and other types of resources. Players receive materials to build a shelter. This work helps them avoid attacks from enemies and store food. With tools such as axes, hoes, and shovels, players collect resources and exchange them for receiving costumes, weapons, …

In addition to mining, players must participate in many battles with animals in the forest. If the player dies during the battle, they will return to the beginning of the game and start their journey again. Unlike the Survival mode, the Creative mode provides infinite physical strength to the player. Their mission in this mode is to build many large buildings with abundant resources without being affected by any hindrance. In addition, Adventure mode, Spectator, free mode have gameplay similar to Survival mode. Players are allowed to move to any location to explore the structure of the building and can destroy them. The impressive thing about these modes is that they have the ability to fly in the sky along with the immunity to damage from animals. Ultimate Multiplayer mode allows players to build their empire with many other players. Resource wars will take place between them to their advantage. Players can pause this mode immediately to explore challenges in other modes without changing the results.

Regarding graphics, the game uses beautiful and vivid graphics. Players can experience many different locations such as plains, hills, lakes, .. through realistic images. The sound of the fights brought them high interest. Besides, flexible gameplay and diverse game modes also contribute to the great success of the game.

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