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No More Heroes III is the fourth installment in the No More Heroes series. This game only offers one player mode, and everyone must control Travis Touchdown in the fight against the invasion of an alien army. Similar to its predecessors, players will have to fight and defeat the bad guys. In addition, the bosses of this game are aliens with powerful and dangerous powers.
Tris’s basic weapon is still Beam Katana, and he will use it to take down enemies in various battles. In addition, Tris also carries another weapon called Death Glove (Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes). The game will be partially prepared to play the plot, and players will participate in the battle in each stage separately. Each stage will have different requirements to complete and allow the possession of new powers.
Besides familiar combat skills and some new features added to the game. This version also features some old characters from previous versions like Kimmy Howell and Destroyman. In it, Destroyman is built with new and varied fighting techniques, making it harder for him to defeat.

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