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Untitled Goose Game is an exciting adventure game of the manufacturer House House. The game was officially released by Panic in 2019 for platforms like Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.
Regarding the plot, the game is set in the peaceful village of England. This village is bothered by a goose through weird actions. This action causes discomfort and distracts people from work. It appears in many corners and flees from the pursuit of the people. Chases never stop until the goose runs to a waterfall along the village.
Players will play the role of a goose in the journey to explore the village. They must go through six stages for each small area of ​​the village. In the first stage, the target is to invade the farm. However, this place is under the control of the people. The player steals audio equipment in front of the gate and activates it to draw attention from the people. After the door is opened, they will quickly run into the farm and hide under the trees. Their next task is to disturb people through actions: stealing keys, opening water fountains, destroying certain plants, and moving objects. These actions make people angry and chase them. By flapping its wings to increase movement speed, the player will escape before the pursuit and reach a safe area. The fifth phase takes them to the lake next to the farm. With their intelligence, the player will deceive the people and bring them down to the lake. People take a long time to find their way to the shore to wash the clothes. After success in this stage, players rush into the farm to collect fruits, fruits, and items needed to prepare for the camp. Gathering all the ingredients in that camp will help players complete their final mission. They receive a bonus and a map to exit the village when delivering enough materials. The game ends when the player runs to the end of the village and falls into the waterfall to continue the new journey.
Regarding graphics, the game uses beautiful 3D graphics. Players will experience top-notch entertainment through in-game goals. Intriguing storyline, simple gameplay combined with authentic sound brings relaxing time to players after a long time exploring challenges in Untitled Goose Game.

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