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Have you heard about VISCO Collection ROM for the Nintendo Switch? This retro compilation packs in 7 classic Neo Geo arcade games from developer Visco’s back catalog. While not as well known as Capcom or Namco, Visco left its mark in the early 90s arcade scene with impressive titles like Vasara. This collection offers a solid lineup of Visco’s work, including ninja action in Ganryu, the weapon power-up driven shooter Andro Dunos, and the future-hockey Flip Shot.

While there are some unfortunate omissions, the included games highlight Visco’s range with fun shooters, sports titles, and unique concepts. Andro Dunos stands tall with its smart power-up system – starting with access to all weapons then powering them up through pods. This version wisely adds autofire too. Captain Tomaday goes kiddy-retro as you play a tomato hero, while Neo Drift Out brings fast top-down rally racing.

The real appeal lies in online play. Unlike Capcom collections, VISCO Collection offers online versus and co-op multiplayer for 5 of the 7 games. This global matchmaking significantly increases the value for titles like Flip Shot, Bang Bead, Andro Dunos, Captain Tomaday, and Goal! Goal! Goal! Grab some friends or make new ones through these retro challenges.

VISCO Collection is packed with charm and challenge. While the presentation is basic compared to Capcom Arcade Stadium, the devs have implemented a solid CRT filter and sound options. This retro compilation is a must for Nintendo Switch owners wanting to revisit these Neo Geo classics or match up online. Experience Visco’s unique library today and don’t forget to download ROM Hyde’s “Time Bomb” for NW on ROMsdl.NET (CIA format). Your favorite emulator will run smoothly for hours of explosive 90s fun.

Filename Size Type
Son of Scoregasm (PCSE01154) (NTSC) 60.63 M NoNpDRM

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