XBOX One Roms

XBOX One is an eighth-generation console developed by Microsoft, which was first launched in North America in May 2013 and went on sale in other regions a few months later. This is also a continuation of the previous extremely successful Xbox 360 system of Microsoft. In terms of sales provided by the genuine, in the first day of release there were 1 million units sold and this number quickly became 2 million in the next 17 days. As of October 2015, Microsoft shows us a piece of news that there were 10 million units shipped.

When compared to the two competitors of the same generation, PlayStation 4 and Switch, Xbox One immediately proved its strength when it allowed handling highly demanding games smoothly with 1080p images. In addition to the Xbox One S version which supports video output up to 2160p (4K resolution). The Xbox One controller has the same design as its predecessor Xbox 360, but the functions have been significantly upgraded to make the previous experience even better. In addition to functions as a normal gaming console, Microsoft is also focusing on developing many other online services that allow users to turn their Xbox One into a true entertainment machine.

There are mixed reviews on this device, some people love it and see it as an indispensable part, others extremely cold. Although the Xbox One life cycle has not ended, it is falling behind the development of other competitors and hopes that the Xbox will soon regain its inherent position as previous generations have done.