Bravely Default II ROM Description

Bravely Default II is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo. It was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021, and is the third game in the Bravely series.


The game follows the story of four heroes on a journey to restore balance to the world by awakening four elemental crystals. The main characters are Seth, a young sailor, Adelle, a noblewoman, Gloria, a princess, and Elvis, a scholar and a descendant of a powerful bloodline. Together, they have to find their way through a complicated and dangerous world full of powerful enemies and mysterious allies while trying to find out the truth about the scary “Darkness,” which threatens to destroy everything they care about.

Game features

One of the key features of Bravely Default II is its turn-based combat system, which allows players to choose the “Brave” or “Default” options during battle. The “Brave” option allows players to take multiple actions in one turn, while the “Default” option allows players to save up actions for future turns. This makes combat more strategic and makes it important for players to carefully manage their resources.

The game also features a deep job system, which allows players to assign different classes and abilities to their characters, customizing their abilities and playstyle. The game has over 30 different jobs and each one offers unique abilities and stat boosts, giving players a lot of flexibility in how they want to build their party.


Another important feature of the game is its use of a 2D hand-drawn art style, which gives the game a unique and charming aesthetic. The game also features an engaging story with complex characters and a lot of side quests and activities to keep players busy.


Bravely Default II got mostly good reviews from critics, who liked its fun battle system, deep job system, and cute art style. Fans of the series and people who want to play a traditional turn-based RPG on the Nintendo Switch should definitely check it out.

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